We are pleased to announce that effective 1 July 2016 ICES, a DFID supported online information platform on extractives in Kenya, is now hosted by the Strathmore Extractives Industry Centre ("SEIC"), based at Strathmore University.

Call for Resources: Papers, Reports, and Tools.

As you may know, on the 1st of July 2016, the Information Centre for the Extractives Sector (ICES), a DFID supported online information platform on extractives is now hosted by Strathmore Extractives Centre (SEIC) under DFID funding and cooperation.

Following a successful Information Needs Assessment of Kenya’s extractives industry, respondents expressed the need to have access to varied information on Kenya’s extractives sector. It is within the backdrop of this finding that we are collecting extractives related information held by stakeholders in the industry in the form of conference reports, research reports, community engagement tools, position papers and opinion articles, publicly available data, other relevant reports and tools. We intend to make these resources accessible to all stakeholders through our website

We would appreciate receiving the information requested above dating back to 2010 up to the most recent one. Kindly send us the information by 1st December 2016, also feel free to send us new information as it arises and we shall upload it on the website. Send to info@ices.or.ke or click the button below

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